Bug #2271

eq2window .IsVisible crash

Added by Kannkor 3 months ago.



Example: ${EQ2UIPage[Popup,ZoneTeleporter].IsVisible}


This one is a bit tricky, because it doesn't happen all the time. I have spent hours debugging to try to narrow this issue down.

The zone teleporter window is the window that pops up after you click a zone object (such as trying to zone into some where), and there is a list of options for you to zone into. Such as to run a solo zone, you may get a pop up giving you options:
"Zone name [solo]"

"Zone name [heroic]"


It seems to happen more often, but I don't think exclusively, if you have ever changed characters without reloading your session. IE: You logged in Kannkor, then /camp, or /camp Kannk2.

In my script (because it outputs to a file every thing it's doing with timestamps).

It does an Actor[name]:DoubleClick to initiate the zoning process.

It waits 5 seconds to see if you are zoning (EQ2.Zoning).
If you are not, it then checks to see if the zone teleporter window is visible -> ${EQ2UIPage[Popup,ZoneTeleporter].IsVisible}. That can cause a crash, but some times it works.

If you're able to have a peak at what the .isvisible check does to see if there's any additional validation checks you could do?

Here is the full code of what I am doing for that check, but it crashes on the .IsVisible

        if ${EQ2.Zoning} || !${Me.Name(exists)}

            return FALSE


        if !${EQ2UIPage[Popup,ZoneTeleporter](exists)}

            return FALSE


        if !${EQ2UIPage[Popup,ZoneTeleporter].IsVisible}

            return FALSE


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