Bug #2263

Crash when clicking entries in eq2uipage singleuseresearcher window

Added by Kannkor 5 months ago. Updated 5 months ago.




Requirements: A toon with expansion access to Ballads of Zimara. The toon must have completed the adventure (and maybe the tradeskill) signature lines as well as the side quests.

Zone: Splendor Sky Aerie

Loc: 364.279480,286.726044,937.676453


NPC: (There's a bunch of them in a line if you need additional to test with, but the easiest one to test with is) Researcher Strigiformes. He only has 3 things in his research, so it's much less data.


XML file: eq2ui_mainhud_singleuseresearcher.xml


In this file, the page that contains all the information is:


It follows this format

Template information at the top (children 1-6)

1 -> Icon (row icon)
2 -> Text (row item name)
3 -> Icon (row icon2)
4 -> Icon (row icon3)
5 -> Text (row cost)
6 -> Image (row selection)


Then the following order happens:

Children: 7-9: Text (row cost) - in order, entry 1-3

Children: 10-12: Icon (row icon) - same order

Children: 13-15: Icon (row icon2) - same order

Children: 16-18: Icon (row icon3) - same order

Children: 19-21: Text (row item name) - same order

Children: 22-24: Image (row selection) - same order


When I manually select entry 1 vs entry 3, the only difference is the Image Opacity changes from 0 to 1 and 1 to 0, depending on which is selected.

When I :LeftClick any of these, the entire game crashes.



Updated by Kannkor 5 months ago

Jimbo mentioned you may be able to use one of his characters to have a look at these windows.


Updated by Kannkor 5 months ago

To get to the zone:
Use Fast travel directly to "Splendor Sky Aerie" (top middle of the fast travel window)

/waypoint 364.279480,286.726044,937.676453

Then fly directly there (this assumes you have done the quests required to fly in the zone)


If you REALLY want to do the questing yourself to get access, here is the link. You need to do, like all of it.


Also available in: Atom PDF