Bug #2190

Entity[id]:GetCargo does not work with wrecks while it works with Cargo Containers

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Also, EVEWindow[Inventory]:LootAll method won't work for wrecks while it works for cargo containers.

Trying to press the 'loot all' button on the inventory window has the same issue.


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EVEWindow[byitemID, wreckID](exists) does not work either.


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Provide a step-by-step walkthrough of the easiest/cheapest/safest way to create wrecks that I can use for testing this.    Is it pirates in asteroid belts?   Easy missions?    

Also, can you provide a sample/simple lavishscript script that I can run when I have a wreck targeted that will show both of the bugs you mention?   If not, I can make one -- but I assumed you might have something you used while testing.


Updated by smokemonkey over 2 years ago

The easiest way to repro this bug is setup and use tehbot. If you have a combat ship which can do some combat missions and is with a tractor beam(marauders would be ideal), just do some missions with the bot(please make sure 'salvage minimode is enabled, which is in the 3rd tab of the GUI') and you will see that the bot opens the non-empty wrecks but won't be able to loot from them until they are salvaged into cargo containers. And this is the problem I have been talking about.


Or I think you can just shoot at pirates and create some wrecks anywhere, and then return to the location with a salvage ship with tractor beams. In this case you probably will run tehbot in 'minimode only' mode. The salvager may refuse to work in this mode, then you just need to add this line to somewhere near line 39 of the file( and restart the bot.
Then it will salvage in 'minimode only' mode and you will see the bug repro.

The 'loot' related code is in this section:

you can interact with wrecks in similar fasion. You won't be able to loot from or get item list from wrecks.
I would suggest using tehbot to test because building correct querystring can be tricky for wrecks.


Updated by smokemonkey over 2 years ago

I found this bug is caused by my script:

The wrecks will be marked as 'IsViewed ' at the moment I open it, and 'viewed' wrecks will be ignored by my script in the next turn which does the actual looting.

On the other hand, Cargo containers will never be marked as 'viewed' correctly so the issue didn't affect them previously.

So the actual bug is 'cargo containers' not marked as IsViewed correctly, just like 'IsAbandoned' is not added to wrecks/cargo containers correctly.

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