Bug #2186

Item.BasePrice is returning 0

Added by smokemonkey about 2 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

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Updated by Amadeus about 2 years ago

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I assume you're using ${EVE.ItemInfo[#]} where # is the item typeID ...correct?     If so, can you give me the typeID that you're using that is returning 0?     Also, is it returning 0 for ALL items...or just some items?

I'll look into it, but it's possible that it's just not something that works as it used to work and EVE may not have "base price" information stored for all item types the way that it did 10+ years ago?    But -- I'll check to make sure it's not broken.


Updated by smokemonkey about 2 years ago

if you add some code to check the ${cargoIterator.Value.BasePrice} around this line, you can see that number for the items in the enemy wrecks are 0. Which is different from the price displayed in the game UI.

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