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Actor - Add equipment/visual

Added by Kannkor almost 2 years ago. Updated 10 months ago.

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With this latest update to EQ2, they have added fights where we need to "see" what an NPC is wearing. I have tracked every single actor member and none of them are different.


I have set up in my GH (can be done in any guild hall), a way to an actor change 1 piece of gear at a time.

I've sent you an email labeled "Character to use for request #___" that you can log in and use.


If you want to set it up in a GH of your own. Click on the door to leave your GH, it brings up a new window, there is an "Amenities" tab. Near the buttom it is called "Uniform Mannequin (Limit: 10). Buy one of these. It appears in your GH in the middle. (Screen shot: Man_Buy)


Click (or right click->Customize) on the mannequin to bring open the window to add equipment to him. (Screen shot: Man_Empty).

Then drag a piece of gear onto the mannequin (screen shot: Man_Boots). Immediately the mannequin changes. 

To remove the piece of gear, you can right click on it in the mannequin screen and choose "Remove item", or simply hit Clear All.


Looking for something like: ${Actor[].Equipment[#].____} with whatever information you can get from these. 


Man_Buy.PNG (223 KB) Kannkor, 2021-08-20 01:09 PM

Man_Boots.PNG (410 KB) Kannkor, 2021-08-20 01:09 PM

Man_Empty.PNG (438 KB) Kannkor, 2021-08-20 01:09 PM


Updated by Kannkor 10 months ago

I added a new mannequin to the GH on MD that you have access too. I also have a character you can use that is standing in front of him also

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