Bug #2126

Location for Inventory item is returning as "Unknown--99"

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Please see screenshot below.  It seems to only affect certain characters for some reason.  If I check the location for an item in Bank or Shared Bank, it returns correctly.

echo ${Me.Inventory["a medium humanoid skull"].Location}


Updated by user01 over 3 years ago

Update: bizarrely, it seems to be tied to specific bags, or base inventory slots.  It honestly makes no sense, at first it only occurred to items in my first two bags, on the character I noticed it on.  Then I replaced those bags, in the same base inventory slots (1 and 2), and saw still the same behavior.  Then i moved those bags to slots 3 and 4, and then the behavior applied to bags in slots 3 and 4, not in slots 1 and 2.  Then i replaced the bags in slots 3 and 4 with new bags, and still same behavior persists.

So it doesn't seem tied to a particular bag, but rather to the slots.  But seems like you can change that slots are affected, by moving bags around.


Updated by user01 over 3 years ago

Ran these following coommands with an item in bag #1 of my inventory

${Me.Inventory["a medium humanoid skull"].Location}



${Me.Inventory["a medium humanoid skull"].LocationID}




Also confirmed the above with other items in the bag as well. I think 3 bags are currently affected.  Note that: ${Me.Inventory[query,ContainerID="<containerID>"].LocationID} returns 0 for all bags on the character.


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Fixed in 20191219.0021

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