Bug #2101

Wizard prestige right side max increments broken

Added by ClassicCoke almost 6 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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For Wizards, the right hand prestige side increment count is broken.

If you set up Frozen Rain to cast only at max increments ( 180 of Frozen Solid ) it doesn't work and instead casts at the minimal number of increments


Note: this does work for the right hand prestige side for Warlocks ( Toxic Assult and Toxic Aura )


Updated by Kannkor almost 6 years ago

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It's not "broken" per say. 

Because previously, you could only use right OR left side. So MAX checked for 150 increments on right side OR 3 increments on left side.

If you have both, it's still checking both of them (for either). So, if you're seeing something cast with MAX, you either have 150 increments (right side) OR 3 increments (left side).


I don't have a wizard, so realistically, I'd need to discuss some options with someone who has a good understanding (yourself?).


What I don't really have any interest in doing, is creating a list of abilities that will check the right side, and a list that will check the left side, unless one of those lists is EXTREMELY small (1-2 abilities), then everything else checks the other list.


Updated by Jeff383z over 5 years ago

This is something I have been looking at and have tried to find a workaround. no real luck. just manual casting the spells allowed by increments.

There are a total of 5 spells which you would have to make search for a single side. Everything else that is affected by increments on either side is passive.

[Frozen Rain] and [Frozen Detonation] would need to have a check made for increments of Frozen Solid (150 max)

Additionally, because of the base cast time reduction [Blast of Devastation] and [E'Ci's Frozen Wrath] would be ideal to search for increments of Frozen Solid exclusively, also.

[Hellfire] could benefit from only searching increments of [Incineration] (3 Max)

These increments of [Incineration] are also different in that they are a DoT that is applied to the mob struck. there is a buff that goes into the maintained spells window, and includes a target. This could pose a challenge as I am unsure whether the information includes a unique mob identifier or just a mob name, in which case have two MObs with the same name could confuse the software.

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