Bug #2033

Cannot use QuestBotAPI to start a task that is not in the toon profile filter

Added by ethreayd over 6 years ago.



I have done several navigation files which are generally named "100 - Navigation - Go to Somewhere.xml"

I use from script this syntax : QuestBotAPI -LSTask ${Me.Name} "100 - Navigation - Go to Somewhere" "1" "FALSE" "14"

It works perfectly but now I am doing QB scripts for the new xpac, which mean I have filter the quest to 101 to 110 in the settings of QB

Now quests that are level 100 does not appear anymore in the list in the UI (which is normal). But when I am launching some navigation through a script, it does not execute, because the navigation file is level 100 hence filtered.

This is my issue. I understand the programmatic objections about what I am asking. This is what could be done IMHO :

- accept to launch any task file with the API without doing the filter : I think that in someway you are using the UI to programatically launch it so this is not possible (but I can be wrong)

- have navigation TS with no level associated to them, so they are never filtered by level : which make some in a game point of view

- Provide a 0 level that will never be filtered : similar to the previous option but maybe programatically easier to do



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