Bug #2019

Mining Foreman Assigning Targets Out of Miner Range

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Disclaimer, I currently use a mining barge as my foreman as I am not established enough for an Orca or Rorq.

With regards to mining foreman target assignments, the foreman will often times select a target for miners that are outside of their effective range, causing the subordinate miners to enter a "target out of range, skipping" loop. This usually occurs when the foreman approaches an asteroid, causing its roid scanning range to be further than the origin point of the belt/ anomaly. I believe this can be mitigated by one of two ways.

First, and most beneficial to the bot as a whole, would be re-implimentation of bookmarks, as well as full-fleet sync of and warpin to those bookmarks to ensure all fleet members land relatively close to the foreman. Alternatively, implimenting an option for fleet members to warp directly to the foreman (assuming a check to ensure he is on grid in a belt) would be adventageous.

Second choice would be, if the bot enters one of these rangeout issues, would be to include a max approach radius in addition to the already implimented "targeting range radius." 


Updated by Nerumph over 6 years ago

Another option for this would be to, when the miner is in foreman targeting mode, have the bot approach targets at a greater targeting distance as opposed to simply sitting in space with nothing to do.


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I would like to see the debug from the modules debug. AstroBot will approach targets that are out of range of a module after it skips activating the module.

Scan range is only used once when entering a belt. After warp has been completed, the mining foreman will retrieve and store all asteroids that are within scan range from the point of warp in. This does not change as the foreman moves around the belt.

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