Run (Command)


A slightly more friendly alternative to runscript.

When Run is used instead of runscript, it will search for a directory of the same name as the script if the script is not in the Scripts directory.

For example, if you type "run EVEBot" it will check first to see if /innerspace/Scripts/EVEBot.iss" exists. If it does, then it will run that file. However, if that file does not exist, it will then check to see if /innerspace/Scripts/EVEBot/EVEBot.iss exists. If that file exists, it will run it -- otherwise, it will give up.

  • NOTES:
      1. Arguments are passed to the script identically as they were with 'runscript'.
  1. Any 'run' command that is given that contains slashes will be passed immediately to the 'runscript' command to be run as before. (ie, "run EVEBot/EVEBot" will function as it did originally.
  1. The 'run' command assumes that the file suffix will not be given. Therefore, while "runscript MyScript.iss" would be valid "run MyScript.iss" would not. You will need to use the original 'runscript' if you have a burning desire to include the file suffix.



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