Isxeve (Data Type)


This DataType includes information and performs actions that are exclusive to the ISXEVE extension.


  • string Version
  • bool IsReady
    • Note: All scripts should check to make sure that this is true before running.
  • bool IsLoading
    • Returns true if the extension is currently in the authentication/patching phase of loading
  • string SecsToString[#]
    • This is simply a utility for scripts to convert any number of seconds into a string:
> 0 - 59 = "# seconds"
> 60 - 3599 = "# minutes and # seconds"
> 3600+ = "# hours, # minutes, and # seconds"


  • Unload
  • Update
  • Flush
  • Debug_SetTypeValidation[bool]
  • Debug_SetHighPerfLogging[bool]
    • Disables flushing/closing the ISXEVE logfile between logs, critical for intensive debug logging. Use only when requested by ISXEVE dev.
  • Debug_LogMsg[string scriptname, string logmsg]
    • This will send a message to the ISXEVE logfile. Useful for marking script actions around ISXEVE output.
Example: ISXEVE:LogMsg["EVEBot", "I'm in yur ISXEVE, loggin yur msg"]
  • Debug_SetEntityCacheEnabled[BOOL] Enable or disable the ISXEVE internal entity cache


  1. Using "ISXEVE:Unload", "ISXEVE:Update", etc are the only crash-free safe way of unloading and reloading the isxeve extension. If you use "ext -unload isxeve" you will probably crash. This is a limitation of the InnerSpace software.
  2. Due to limitations inherent with dealing with the python interpreter from a reverse engineering standpoint, ISXEVE is forced to make certain consessions as it operates in regards to proper memory management. To remedy this, I have added a METHOD to the 'isxeve' datatype called "Flush". This method will flush any outstanding objects that are still dangling in memory due to using ISXEVE datatype methods and members. This is not something that is needed for small scripts and/or simply running ISXEVE while playing the game. It is only necessary for extensive/complex scripts (and .NET applications) that are running for longer than an hour or two. Even so, one only needs to call the "Flush" METHOD of the 'isxeve' datatype once every 20-30 minutes. Finally, I would state that 'Flush' is most effective when you're in a station; however, it is safe to use (and still highly effective) at any point.