Evewindow (Data Type)


This Data Type includes all of the data and actions available to ISXEVE about Eve Windows.


  • string Caption
  • string Text
  • int64 ItemID
    • ItemID is the ID of the ship or other that this window belongs to. EVEWindow[MyShipCargo].ItemID will be your ship ID
  • bool Minimized
  • string HTML
    • only works for the browser-type windows


  • Close
    • Close window.
  • Maximize
    • Maximize window.
  • Minimize
    • Minimized window.
  • ClickButtonYes
  • ClickButtonNo
  • ClickButtonOK
  • ClickButtonCancel
  • ClickButtonClose
  • StackAll
  • LootAll
  • MoveBookmarkHere[<BookmarkID#>]
    • (NOTE: This is only for moving a bookmark from your addressbook to another window. Once it's moved, then it's an 'item' and can be moved around/manipulated like any other item.)
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