This F.A.Q. Is frequently updated to help new users understand the bot, and lessen the load of questions we receive on the forums, and IRC. However, all questions are still very welcome on the forums and IRC. Going to the IRC to look for help will probably get you an answer more quickly than if you were to use the forums. You can get to the IRC channel by joining the server and typing /join #isxeve .

Also, remember that if you do not feel like reading all of the Questions and Answers, try pressing Ctrl+f to 'find' key words you may be looking for.


Q: How do I update EVEbot?
A: Go to the folder that the SVN installed, Stable, and right click it. Then, click SVN update.

Mining Bot

Q: Can a mining bot use Mining Crystals?
A: Yes, it can. When the bot locks on to an asteroid, it checks to see what type of ore it is, and then it checks if you have any appropriate Mining Crystals to use for it in the cargo. If you do, it will load the appropriate crystal. If not, it will say so in it's status, letting you know it has reduced efficiency.

Hauler Bot

Freighter Bot

Ratting Bot (Combat included)

Q: If I use Energy weapons, will the bot switch Frequency Crystals to give itself the most efficient damage at the range it is at?
A: No. The bot may be able to do so in the future, or a separate script may exist to do this. Ask the IRC!

Q: If I have an afterburner or shield booster fitted, will the bot automatically use them?
A: yes.

Mission Bot