Bookmark (Data Type)


This Data Type includes all of the data and actions available to ISXEVE about Bookmarks.


  • int64 ID
  • int64 CreatorID
  • double Distance
    • This only works on bookmarks created in open space, and will only return a non null value while in space in the same solar system as the bookmark
  • string Type
  • int TypeID
  • int64 OwnerID
    • Note -- this can be used to determine which bookmarks from GetBookmarks are yours, and which ones are corp
  • entity ToEntity
    • If the bookmark refers to an entity currently available on your overhead, it will return said entity. Otherwise, it will return NULL.
  • int SolarSystemID
  • int JumpsTo
  • double X
  • double Y
  • double Z
  • string Label
  • string Note
  • evetime Created
  • string DateCreated
  • string TimeCreated
  • int64 ItemID
    • For bookmarks of an item
Like, if this is a bookmark of a station, ItemID with be the StationID

''' Agent Bookmarks Only '''


  • AlignTo
    • This will only work with bookmarks for which there is an "Align To" option available via the in-game UI.
    • If is blank then this will warp to zero. Otherwise it will warp to the distance specified.
  • WarpFleetTo
    • Warps the portion of the fleet which you have control to the bookmark
  • Remove
    • Removes bookmark.
  • SetDestination
    • Sets bookmark as current destination.
  • AddWaypoint
    • Add bookmark to waypoint list.
    • If true, it will add the waypoint as the FIRST waypoint in the list (without clearing the list). If false, it will append to the end.
  • ClearWaypoint
    • Clears waypoint
  • Approach
    • Only works for Agent bookmarks