Agent (Data Type)


This Data Type includes all of the data available to ISXEVE that is specific to agents.


  • int ID
  • string Name
  • int TypeID
  • string Division
  • int DivisionID
  • int Level
  • int CorporationID
  • int FactionID
  • float StandingTo
    • Your personal standing to the agent)
  • interstellar Solarsystem
  • string Station
  • int StationID
  • int Index
    • The index of where the agent is in the list of agents in the game -- used for ${Agent[#]} )

''' Dialog ''' -- These only work if you have a conversation with the agent. You must retrieve Dialog Responses again after each dialog response or similar action that changes the responses.


  • StartConversation
  • GetDialogResponses



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