QUESTDATA (Custom Trigger)


The QUESTINFO triggers are sent to your client everytime you do one of the following actions:

  • Accept a new quest
  • Delete a quest
  • Finish a quest
  • Receive a quest update

There are other instances where the triggers will be sent (it will always be information about the quest that's currently in your quest helper window); however, those four instances are the only times that they will always be sent.


The following data is sent to your client via invisible triggers each time you do one of the four actions mentioned above.

  • QUESTDATA::NAME("text")

Please note that you will receive multiple QUESTDATA::PROGRESSTEXT lines, depending upon your progress.


Here are a few examples of what the triggers will look like as they are initiated. Please note that although they are invisible in the game, InnerSpace WILL see them.

  1. QUESTDATA Examples
  2. Example by Traills

This very basic script will echo quest info to your console screen. You could then set the parts you want to a declared variable and use it in scripts.

 Function main()
    AddTrigger questinfo QUESTDATA::@qinfo@
    ;Main Loop
       wait 10
    while 1
 Function questinfo(string Ling, string qinfo)
    echo ${qinfo}

If you just wanted the progress text from the trigger you would change the trigger to something like:  AddTrigger questinfo QUESTDATA::PROGRESSTEXT:1.1(@qinfo@)   Then it would only grab that part of the quest.

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