Eq2sliderbar (Data Type)


This DataType includes data available to ISXEQ2 related to the eq2sliderbar UI element.


This datatype inherits all members and methods of eq2widget (which, in turn, inherits all members/methods of eq2baseobject.)  Script writers are strongly encouraged to visit both of these pages before utilizing eq2sliderbar or any other UI related datatypes. 


All property names valid for eq2widget, eq2baseobject, as well as any from the list below, can be used with GetProperty/SetProperty.    (For more information on GetProperty/SetProperty, see eq2baseobject.)

  • Value
  • LowerLimit
  • UpperLimit

Technical Notes

  1. The current percentage of the slider bar is:  Percentage = Value / UpperLimit * 100   (To set the value as a percentage, you'd use the formula: Value = Percentage * UpperLimit / 100.)
  2. When setting the "Value", it should be between LowerLimit and UpperLimit (inclusive).
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