Feature - Enhancement #2250

Add Fleet Broadcasts to FleetWindow (Or another data type)

Added by NostraThomas 7 months ago. Updated 7 months ago.

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When a player forms a fleet by either right clicking on another player's name in the chat window and clicking "Form Fleet With", or by clicking the top menu button on the left NEOCOM menu and going to Social > Fleet, they are able to send "broadcasts" to other players in the fleet for targets to attack, destinations to rally at, etc. The option to send these broadcasts is available via the buttons at the bottom of the window (already available in ISXEVE) or via the overview menu for some types of broadcasts (also mostly available in ISXEVE). The only thing missing is the ability to read back these broadcasts.

The player is also then able to right click on these broadcasts, with the options available changing depending on the type of broadcast (target broadcast will give an option to target the entity, warp to broadcast will give standard warp to options). Ideally we would be able to read these broadcasts back, maybe as part of the FleetWindow data type or as a new data type that can be polled periodically. As a stretch goal these new broadcast objects would also have methodsĀ (just like the right click menu) based on their type.


Updated by NostraThomas 7 months ago

EDIT: You can form a fleet by yourself by opening the fleet window as described at the top and clicking the "Form Fleet" button at the bottom of the window (This button is replaced with the broadcasts button when the fleet is formed). This will form a fleet with only you inside of it.

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