Bug #2228

Photon UI Issues

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First off, can't read modal window text. Returns Null no matter what, buttons may also be fried but you can see that when you get there, if I test the button I lose the ability to generate that window for another day.
Log in to game.
Be in station.
Open Rewards Redemption Button (very bottom left)
Choose rewards to redeem.
Hit "Redeem to Home Station"
This generates a modal window.
echo ${EVEWindow[Active].Text} returns Null. Should return the text of that window.

Next up.
AgentInteraction window is now the AgentConversation window. Maybe this is why buttons no work.
Be in station.
Talk to agent.
Get their mission offer.
You can't read the button text or blind submit a button press or any of that.
echo ${EVEWindow[Active].Button["View Mission"](exists)} returns null for any variation of what those buttons can be, also can't blind press or go by button number etc.

All I've got so far, need to get further into a mission to see what else is broken.


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I have addressed these items in version 20230214.0005.    Open new forge issue for any other bugs.

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