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ISXIM - Stopped Working With Inner Space Version 1.18 (Build 6814) +

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* WORKS  * Inner Space Version 1.18 (Build 6800) [2021-09-23]

* BROKEN * Inner Space Version 1.18 (Build 6814) [2021-11-23]

* BROKEN * Inner Space Version 1.18 (Build 6835) [2022-01-20]

* BROKEN * Inner Space Version 1.18 (Build 6837) [2022-01-27]

< Skipped testing a number of builds. The following is the most recent development version >

* BROKEN * Inner Space Version 1.18 (Build 6857)  [2022-02-24]

The build that appears to have broken ISXIM is 6814 which was released on 2021-11-23. Here are the release notes related to that build:

- World of Warcraft compatibility update
- EVE compatibility update
- Diablo II Resurrected compatibility update
- MIR4 compatibility update
- Aion Classic compatibility update [work in progress]
- Crowfall compatibility update
- Tree of Savior comptatibility update
- Audio engine is now loaded on-demand
- Improved handling of Console menu item
- Uplink window now fills the monitor work area
- The Maximize button on the Uplink window now does something (still non-standard maximize/minimize behavior)
- Fixed various keyboard/modifier state issues relating to switching windows
- Added "foreground" to relay resolver, e.g. "relay foreground echo hi"
- Agents
  * Agent events now use the Agent's folder as CWD
  * Agents now also include version, description, provides, conflicts, dependencies, minimumBuild
  * unistring agent.Version
  * unistring agent.Description 
  * uint agent.MinimumBuild
  * jsonarray agent.Dependencies
  * jsonarray agent.Provides
  * jsonarray agent.Conflicts
  * bool agent.AutoStart
  * agent:SetAutoStart[bool]
- LavishGUI 2
  * Numerous interaction fixes, including mouse wheel, modifier keys, clicking to focus
  * Fixed issues with videofeed and videofeedsource elements
  * Fixed a bug with combobox selection detaching the selected item
  * Fixed crashes with with self-detructive Input Hooks, itemlist, and others
  * Fixed an issue with item lists not appearing to have a highlighted item, if the item started out selected
  * Added inputpicker control and lgui2inputpicker object type
  * lgui2 object .JSON members moved to .AsJSON
  * jsonobject lgui2layer.Bindings
  * Fixed missing lgui2element.InputHook member
  * Added 'none'/'nomodifiers' and 'any'/'anymodifiers' hooks and bindings (for specifying modifiers)
  * LGUI2.Element[] no longer resolves to an element
- LavishScript
  * NULL should now produce the same result as NULL
  * Fixed an issue with pre-parsed sequences sometimes returning a "variable" type
  * New "OnFileOpen" event
  * Add Game window now fires "GamesChanged" event
  * New LMAC task type "ls1.code"
  * The Sessions TLO, within a Session, will return a jsonarray if given "array" parameter, e.g. 0
  * bool issession.AllowFlashWindow
  * issession:SetAllowFlashWindow[bool]


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It's likely to be quite some time before I can get to fixing this.  I haven't built ISXIM for years, and it's not building right now and I don't have much time to work on anything at the moment.   To be honest, I didn't think anyone was still using it now that everyone moved to Discord.

Remind me in Discord this July if I haven't fixed it by then.


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Fixed with new version 20220321.0001 which was announced in Discord and is also reflected in the updated installer link on the Forums (on the ISXIM post.)

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