Bug #1901

Anomaly Information Doesn't Match Game Window

Added by bjcasey about 7 years ago. Updated about 7 years ago.



I'm looking into adding support to AstroBot for anomalies and I noticed that the information displayed in the game window does not match the information displayed by ISXEVE.

Click on the scanner button to pull up the context menu from the picture below.  Then select the Probe Scanner.

For the region of space I am in, you can see that ther are Combat Sites and an Ore Site.  They are listed on the UI as a "Group".

Code Snippet:

Using ISXEVE, this is the information available for anomalies in my region. Notice that the group is just a generic Cosmic Anomaly and does not match what the probe scanner window is showing.

------------------ QNR-112 ------------------
ID: 9001334421000000601
Difficulty: 1
DungeonID: 112319
DungeonName: Large Omber Deposit
Faction: UnknownOwner(0)
FactionID: 0
Group: Cosmic Anomaly
GroupID: 885
IsWarpable: FALSE
ScanStrength: 211
SignalStrength: 100.000000
ToEntity.Distance: NULL

------------------ ZBM-740 ------------------
ID: 9001334421000092553
Difficulty: 1
DungeonID: 110941
DungeonName: Drone Cluster
Faction: Unknown
FactionID: 500021
Group: Cosmic Anomaly
GroupID: 885
IsWarpable: FALSE
ScanStrength: 1136
SignalStrength: 100.000000
ToEntity.Distance: NULL

I would like to be able to give my users a choice as to what type of anomalies they can automatically warp to and I believe that using the in-game groups of Ore Site, Combat Site and Ice Belt would be a great start.  Can ISXEVE either fix the group name bug or add this functionality?


Updated by Amadeus about 7 years ago

It's most likely not a bug -- you're probably wanting something new added to ISXEVE.   "Group" and "GroupID", as provided by ISXEVE, are concepts and features that have been around since the beginning of EVE, long before there were such things as Cosmic Anomalies.    So -- the "Group" as provided by ISXEVE, utilizing the traditional defintion of "Group" is Cosmic Anomaly.    The best I can figure is that the EVE devs are using the word group, in this context, to indicate a sub-group within the overall group of Cosmic Anomalies.   I could be wrong -- but this is my best educated guess.

I can look to see if the information is available somewhere, but it will probably end up being something new, most likely not a 'fix' to "Group".   And, as with most things, time is VERY limited except during academic vacation times, so it'll probably be July before I can look into it.


Updated by bjcasey about 7 years ago

Ok, thanks Amadeus.  I'm really looking forward to July!

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