Bug #1592

Ore Not being Transferred from Ore Hangar to Station

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When using hauler mode, and as far as I know this is the only behavior that this glitch affects, the bot will dock in station. Afterwords, it will attempt to transfer ore from the ore hold to the item hangar, only for the debug log to show: "Nothing Found to Move." It will then move on to the cargo container and loot that just fine.

I do not know if it has any effect of this issue, but I was forced to change the DropOff AI a bit under the case Station due to the Station NULL bug in issue 1591. The case is now written as follows:

call Ship.TravelToSystem ${EVE.Bookmark[${Config.Miner.DeliveryLocation}].SolarSystemID}
call Station.Dock ${EVE.Bookmark[${Config.Miner.DeliveryLocation}].ItemID}
call Cargo.TransferCargoFromShipOreHoldToStation
call Cargo.TransferCargoToStationHangar

Additional debugging I did has found something interesting, being that, if I manually open the ore hold right after docking, it will go through the steps to transfer ore to the station. But once it switches over to the station item hangar to stack the ore, it won't switch back to the ore hold again. So my theory is that it has something to do with the bot's inability to switch to the Miasimos' ore hold. I don't know if it is ship specific or because of the half-assed AI re-write I did that is making this happen but regardless it is a pretty odd bug to say the least.


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Resolved with Inventory system rewrite

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