Bug #1402

Captain Krasnok the Immortal

Added by LostOne about 9 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.



Part of the movment script doesn't seem to be ending after the Captain Krasnok the Immortal fight. I continue to get the following spam in my console after he's dead... it doesn't even end when you zone out. 

23:57:18: Clicking on cannon ball 1.
23:57:20: Clicking on cannon ball 1.
23:57:22: Clicking on cannon ball 1.


Updated by LostOne almost 9 years ago

2 fixes are needed for this fight:

First, if you are redoing this fight from a failed attempt and the bard already has a cannonball on him it will be stuck in a loop trying to pickup a new one when you already have on in your inventory. Runscript this prior to the fight:

                    if ${Me.Inventory[a heavy cannonball].Quantity} == 1
                        Me.Inventory[a heavy cannonball]:Destroy

Second, is after the fight you need to reload movment because it doesn't auto disable on death:

                    relay ${OgreRelayGroup} BJ End Movement
                    wait 50
                    relay ${OgreRelayGroup} BJ Movement


Updated by blammo almost 9 years ago

agreed -- been bitten by both bugs, and ended up having to (1) delete the cannon ball, and (2) kill/reload all scripts.


Updated by bjcasey over 8 years ago

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