Bug #1161

Under IS, the EVE console window has no output, as if stdout/err are redirected.

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Session Start: Fri Jan 03 12:10:50 2014
Session Ident: #ismods
[14:44] <yomon> is there any way to have IS not mess with the launched application's standard i/o handles? as a specific case, I'd like to keep EVE's console's output still printing to it
[14:58] <yomon> hmm, just set up to launch exefile.exe with /console and you'll notice that nothing is output there when it is launched by IS; I mainly fix this by resetting stdin/out/err in my C code that gets loaded afterwards, however, I think this just fixes handles for the version of the CRT my own dll links against (and it's not same version EVE uses), so mainly output done by the EVE's modules is lost
[15:08] <CyberTechWork> Lax: ^ the above is correct, exefile.exe /console does create the initial console window, but nothing is output to it, under IS. I noticed it before but never even thought about it. In standalone mode, the console will fill with the list of EVE classes/objects as they're initialized.


Updated by CyberTech over 9 years ago

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This appears to be fixed as of Build 5994.

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